overview wax to bronze

People sometimes ask me to make them a bronze of their dog.... the following will give you some idea of what it takes, to make one bronze – mostly, people get shocked when they ask how much and I say think ‘between three and five thousand’ depending on size.... but this will explain further
This video shows similar processes to those I use in making my dogs,
for dogs.... you need an understanding of anatomy and structure,
and of course ‘type’ so the years of grooming, breeding and judging
have been helpful- Each of my original sculptures for bronze, takes often more than fifty hours
then – unless sculpted in pure wax, the process of having your sculpture ‘molded’
this is another complete set of skills so I mostly use a professional
mold maker – this gives a silicone mold that I then use to pour molten wax
into, to make an exact wax copy of the sculpt
this wax copy comes out of the mold requiring considerable finishing
prior to going to the foundry – working in wax is more difficult than clay...
the process of casting wax to bronze is a very old art, but difficult,
hot, dangerous and includes an array of skills - so I use a specialist
foundry, but you can get an idea of what goes into casting here
this video shows the trial and error and continual judgement required –
really enjoyed watching him....
mold making of the grizzly – having done some mold making, I love this guy’s approach and humour
and I have made all these errors myself.... and is why I use a professional now!
making the wax – and again... I’ve made all these same errors – wish I had have found this set of videos five years ago!
casting the grizzly – and why I don’t do this bit... not ever
the clean up and chasing – and again, why I don’t do this bit
next go at base making and finally patina
luckily, I am able to use specialist patina artists to get the colours I want....

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